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Internationally-renowned restaurants could never be without a number of fundamental ingredients: foie gras, truffle and lobster are all indispensable, as is veal. This has made it relatively easy to find top chefs willing to share their love of veal with us for this part of the book. The book, Veal, should therefore be considered for this reason alone, a unique guide and one-of-a-kind introduction to famous chefs from across the world.

We will take you to meet chefs in countries stretching from Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium, through to England and France, with a special chapter dedicated to Paris, as well as further afield in the cosmopolitan city of Tokyo.

As far as gastronomy is concerned, Paris is more like a nation than a city, and in  Japan, culinary trends are starting to change. Where until recently, veal had been almost insignificant, master chefs are now craning their necks for a peek into the culinary delights that veal has to offer.

The recipes on the follow pages belong to an elite; a class of their own. They may seem out of reach for some aspiring chefs, but this should not be cause for concern. After all, this is not a cookery book. It is an ode to veal. Should you have any difficulties with the terminology or discover ingredients you have never heard of, get online and explore.  You are bound to find the answers. 

Here are some standard abbreviations:

mlmililitre (1/1000 litre)
clcentilitre (1/100 litre)
dldecilitre (1/10 litre)
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