Veal has been produced on a small scale for centuries but has always been reserved for the rich, and for royalty. In more recent years, important changes in the dairy industry after the Second World War have meant that veal has become more readily available to general consumers. At that time, the booming dairy industry was producing copious amounts of apparently useless by-products, which by coincidence, ended up benefitting the production of veal. This new development turned out to be a brilliant innovation and an essential contribution to the development of the modern veal sector. I, for one, have always been extremely fond of veal, and with so much information about the industry’s origins still available first hand, I thought it was about time I wrote a book on the subject. By doing so, I hope to provide chefs, suppliers, producers and consumers, with an informative and interesting insight into this remarkable sector.

My own involvement in the world of culinary book publishing meant it was impossible for me not to dedicate an essential part of the book to the chefs. After all, they are  the ones who know exactly how to make the most out of veal. For our editors and photographers, this was an entire year’s work, travelling from London to Tokyo to meet the crème de la crème of international gastronomy. The result, is this exquisite collection of personal contributions, favourite recipes and expert insights into the history and the future of veal.

We would like to thank the great diversity of chefs for helping us make this a truly unique book. Similarly, we would especially like to thank the leader in the international veal market, the Van Drie family, for their tremendous help with our research.

Kind regards,

Norbert Koreman

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